Derek Hyatt

MBAC Artists DH 2

Derek Hyatt was born in Ilkley, Yorkshire in 1931 and after attending his local grammar school he was in enrolled in Leeds College of art until 1952. Hyatt spent his national service in the Royal Air Force, however he still attended Norwich University of Arts part time. After the war the Royal College of Arts offered Hyatt a scholarship for Landscape paintings, and within the year he was a part of the editing team for the College’s magazine Ark. In 1964, after his brief time in London, Hyatt returned to his beloved Yorkshire to continue painting his trademark landscapes. 


Hyatt’s inspiration came from his surroundings, most notably the setting in which he grew up. He painted and abstracted the Yorkshire landscape by incorporating bursts of colour and the manipulation of shape. Primarily working with watercolour, and as a result the merging of colour creates the essence of light across the moors. Hyatt never truly reached the height of celebrity, however when exhibited at the Art Space Gallery London in 2016 he was quickly recognised as one of the leaders in the field of contemporary British Art.


London Art Space Gallery 2012 and 2014


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